Commission Canadienne pour la Théorie des Machines et des Mécanismes

Canadian Committee for the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms

Symposium 2013 M3 de la CCToMM - 2013 CCToMM M3 Symposium
May 30-31, 2013, Montréal, Canada

"Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis of a Skating Robot" - PDF
Louis-Thomas Schreiber, Clément Gosselin, Thierry Laliberté

"Dynamic Analysis and Natural Frequencies of Planar and Spatial Spring-Loaded Cable-Loop-Driven Parallel Mechanisms" - PDF
Hanwei Liu, Clément Gosselin

"Structural Optimization of Force-Torque Sensor Using a Symbolic Analysis" - PDF
Rachid Bekhti, Vincent Duchaine, Philippe Cardou

"Adaptive Control of Multiple Mobile Manipulators Transporting a Rigid Object" - PDF
Abdelkrim Brahmi, Maarouf Saad, Guy Gauthier, Jawhar Ghommam

"Saturated Proportional Derivative Control of a Single-Link Flexible-Joint Manipulator" - PDF
Ryan James Caverly, David Evan Zlotnik, James Richard Forbes

"Development of an Indoor Localization System for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle" - PDF
Tyler Cove, Scott B. Nokleby, Remon Pop-Iliev

"Dynamics of Two Autonomous AUV Dock Mechanisms for AUV Recovery" - PDF
Jason Currie, Colin B. Gillis, Juan A. Carretero, Rickey Dubay, Tiger Jeans, George D. Watt

"On the Optimum Design of Planar Parallel Mechanisms Based on Kinematic Sensitivity and Workspace" - PDF
Morteza Daneshmand, Mehdi T. Masouleh, M.H. Saadatzi, M.B. Menhaj

"Extended Kinematic Model of the 3-RPS Spatial Parallel Manipulator" - PDF
Sean A. Dowling, Juan A. Carretero

"Investigation of the Kinematic Sensitivity of 3-RPR Parallel Mechanism" - PDF
Ehsan Faghih, M. Daneshmand, M.H. Saadatzi, Mehdi Tale Masouleh

"Kinematic Analyses of a New Medical Robot for 3D Vascular Ultrasound Examination" - PDF
Longfei Zhao, Andy Kar Wah Yen, Jonathan Coulombe, Pascal Bigras, Ilian A. Bonev

"Kinematics and Singularity Analysis of a CRRHHRRC Parallel Schönflies Motion Generator" - PDF
Takashi Harada, Jorge Angeles

"Kinematic Calibration of 6R Serial Manipulators Using Relative Measurements" - PDF
Chao-Chia D. Lu, M. John D. Hayes

"Experimental Testing of a Probabilistic-Based Radiation Mapping Robot" - PDF
Robin D. McDougall, Scott B. Nokleby, Ed Waller

"Torque Improvement of 3-RRR Planar Manipulator on a Square-Shaped Trajectory" - PDF
Soheil S. Parsa, Juan A. Carretero, Roger Boudreau

"Wrench Workspaces of Redundantly Actuated Spatial Parallel Manipulators Using Minimum Wrench Capabilities" - PDF
Joshua K. Pickard, Juan A. Carretero

"Atlas Motion Platform Mecanum Wheel Jacobian in the Velocity and Static Force Domains" - PDF
Jonathan J. Plumpton, M. John D. Hayes, Robert G. Langlois, Bruce V. Burlton

"Development of Compact Self-Balancing Robot with Self-Standing and Stair Climbing Capability" - PDF
Dominic Robillard, Eric Lanteigne

"Dimensional Synthesis of Planar Parallel Cable-Driven Parallel Robots via Interval Analysis" - PDF
Mohammad H.F. Kaloorazi, Saman Esfahani, Mehdi Tale Masouleh

"Dynamic Modelling, Estimation, and Control for Precision Pointing of an Atmospheric Balloon Platform" - PDF
David Evan Zlotnik, James Richard Forbes

"Wheel-Terrain Interaction Modelling for Dynamics Simulation and Analysis of Wheeled Mobile Robots" - PDF
Ali Azimi, Daniel Holz, József Kövecses, Jorge Angeles, Marek Teichmann

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