Commission Canadienne pour la Théorie des Machines et des Mécanismes

Canadian Committee for the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms

Symposium 2015 M3 de la CCToMM - 2015 CCToMM M3 Symposium
May 28-29, 2015, Ottawa, Canada

"Design of a Pitch-Roll Joystick Based on Three Lobe Spherical Cam Mechanism" - PDF
Debal Saha, Jorge Angeles, Jozsef Kövecses

"Design and Implementation of an X-by-Wire Automotive Prototype" - PDF
Guillaume Sauze, Mir Saman Rahimi Mousavi, Alexei Morozov, Jorge Angeles, Benoit Boulet

"Design of a Spherical Cam Mechanism for an Automotive Differential" - PDF
Mayank Chaudhary, Jorge Angeles, Alexei Morozov

"Optimization of Tooth-Root Profile For Maximum Load-Carrying Capacity: Spur And Bevel Gears" - PDF
Mathew Shaker, Ting Zou, Jorge Angeles, Alexei Morozov

"Derivation and Validation of a Spatial Multi–Link Human Postural Stability Model" - PDF
Nicholas R. Bourgeois, Robert G. Langlois

"Parametric Trajectory Optimisation for Increased Payload" - PDF
André Gallant, Clément Gosselin

"An Interval Analysis Method for Wrench Workspace Determination of Parallel Manipulator Architectures" - PDF
Joshua K. Pickard, Juan A. Carretero

"Determination of the Proper Motion Range for the Rotary Actuators of 6-RSS Parallel Robot" - PDF
Rui Zeng, Shuling Dai, Wenfang Xie, Xiaoming Zhang

"Towards Performing Remote Manipulation Using an Autonomous Aerial Vehicle" - PDF
Tony Baltovski, Scott Nokleby, Remon Pop-Iliev

"Design and Development of an Autonomous Omnidirectional Hazardous Materials Handling Robot" - PDF
Nicholas Charabaruk, Scott Nokleby

"Continuous Approximate Synthesis of Planar Function Generators Minimising The Design Error" - PDF
Alexis Guigue, Matthew John D. Hayes

"Parametric Design Optimization of Scissor Lift Platform – A Design of Experiment (DOE) Approach" - PDF
M. T. Islam, L. Rolland

"Pilot Study of General Predictive Control + Integral Compensator for Powered Prosthetic Legs" - PDF
Ricardo Bautista-Quintero, Rickey Dubay, Juan A. Carretero, Miguel A. Díaz-Rodríguez

"Refinement of Exoskeleton Design Using Multibody Modeling: An Overview" - PDF
Sebastian Hernandez, Maxime Raison, Luc Baron, Sofiane Achiche

"Trajectory Optimization of a Small Airship in a Moving Fluid" - PDF
Eric Lanteigne, Charles Blouin, Wail Gueaieb

"Integrated Design of a Vision-Guided Quadrotor UAV: A Mechatronics Approach" - PDF
Abolfazl Mohebbi, Sofiane Achiche, Luc Baron

"Energy Harvesting Using a Nonlinear Vibration Absorber" - PDF
Yu Zhang, Riccardo De Rosa, Jingyi Zhang, Mariam Alameri, Kefu Liu

"Symbolic Formulation of Path- And Surface-Following Joints for Multibody Dynamics" - PDF
Andrew Hall, Chad Schmitke, John McPhee

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