Canadian Committee for the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms

The CCToMM brings together experts in machines, mechanisms, robotics, and mechatronics.

Canadian Members

Jorge Angeles - McGill University - Dynamics and control of robotic mechanical systems

Marc Arsenault - Laurentian University - Cable-based robot mechanics

Meysar Zeinali-Ghayeshghorshagh - Laurentian University - Control theory, human robot interactions

Luc Baron - Polytechnique Montréal - Instrumentation and mechanical systems, applied control in robotics and automation

Lionel Birglen - Polytechnique Montréal - Robotics, applied control in robotics and automation, grasping

Ilian Bonev - ETS - Design and analysis of parallel robots, Precision robotics

Roger Boudreau - Université de Moncton - Kinematic and synthesis of parallel manipulators

Philipe Cardou - Université de Laval - Design and implementation of cable-driven parallel robots

Juan Antonio Carretero - University of New Brunswick - Robot kinematics, Computer simulation of mechanical systems, Optimization in design

Marise Gallant - Université de Moncton - Kinematics, design, and optimization of linkages

Clément Gosselin - Université de Laval - Kinematics and dynamics of mechanisms and manipulators, human-robot collaboration, trajectory planning

John D. M. Hayes - Carleton University - Geometric Modelling and Computer Simulation, Space Robotics, Automated Optical Robot Calibration Systems, Robot Mechanical Systems, Theoretical Kinematics

Eric Lanteigne - University of Ottawa - Unmanned aerial vehicles, Robotics, Mechanisms design

Zhaoheng Liu - ETS - Dynamics of mechanical systems, Chatter Vibration of Robotic Machining Processes, Robotics

John McPhee - University of Waterloo - Modelling and simulation, Multibody dynamics, Biomechanics, Vehicle system dynamics, Mechatronics

Scott Nokleby - Ontario Tech University - Robotics, Mechatronics, Mechanisms, Automation

Marek Teichmann - CM Labs - Computational Geometry, Robotics

International Members

Pierre Larochelle - South Dakota School of Mines & Technology - Spatial kinematic chains, Design of robotic mechanical systems