Canadian Committee for the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms

2013 CCToMM M3 Symposium
May 30-31, 2013, Montréal, Canada

"Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis of a Skating Robot" - PDF
Louis-Thomas Schreiber, Clément Gosselin, and Thierry Laliberté

"Dynamic Analysis and Natural Frequencies of Planar and Spatial Spring-Loaded Cable-Loop-Driven Parallel Mechanisms" - PDF
Hanwei Liu and Clément Gosselin

"Structural Optimization of Force-Torque Sensor Using a Symbolic Analysis" - PDF
Rachid Bekhti, Vincent Duchaine, and Philippe Cardou

"Adaptive Control of Multiple Mobile Manipulators Transporting a Rigid Object" - PDF
Abdelkrim Brahmi, Maarouf Saad, Guy Gauthier, and Jawhar Ghommam

"Saturated Proportional Derivative Control of a Single-Link Flexible-Joint Manipulator" - PDF
Ryan James Caverly, David Evan Zlotnik, and James Richard Forbes

"Development of an Indoor Localization System for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle" - PDF
Tyler Cove, Scott B. Nokleby, and Remon Pop-Iliev

"Dynamics of Two Autonomous AUV Dock Mechanisms for AUV Recovery" - PDF
Jason Currie, Colin B. Gillis, Juan A. Carretero, Rickey Dubay, Tiger Jeans, and George D. Watt

"On the Optimum Design of Planar Parallel Mechanisms Based on Kinematic Sensitivity and Workspace" - PDF
Morteza Daneshmand, Mehdi T. Masouleh, M.H. Saadatzi, and M.B. Menhaj

"Extended Kinematic Model of the 3-RPS Spatial Parallel Manipulator" - PDF
Sean A. Dowling and Juan A. Carretero

"Investigation of the Kinematic Sensitivity of 3-RPR Parallel Mechanism" - PDF
Ehsan Faghih, M. Daneshmand, M.H. Saadatzi, and Mehdi Tale Masouleh

"Kinematic Analyses of a New Medical Robot for 3D Vascular Ultrasound Examination" - PDF
Longfei Zhao, Andy Kar Wah Yen, Jonathan Coulombe, Pascal Bigras, and Ilian A. Bonev

"Kinematics and Singularity Analysis of a CRRHHRRC Parallel Schönflies Motion Generator" - PDF
Takashi Harada and Jorge Angeles

"Kinematic Calibration of 6R Serial Manipulators Using Relative Measurements" - PDF
Chao-Chia D. Lu and M. John D. Hayes

"Experimental Testing of a Probabilistic-Based Radiation Mapping Robot" - PDF
Robin D. McDougall, Scott B. Nokleby, and Ed Waller

"Torque Improvement of 3-RRR Planar Manipulator on a Square-Shaped Trajectory" - PDF
Soheil S. Parsa, Juan A. Carretero, and Roger Boudreau

"Wrench Workspaces of Redundantly Actuated Spatial Parallel Manipulators Using Minimum Wrench Capabilities" - PDF
Joshua K. Pickard and Juan A. Carretero

"Atlas Motion Platform Mecanum Wheel Jacobian in the Velocity and Static Force Domains" - PDF
Jonathan J. Plumpton, M. John D. Hayes, Robert G. Langlois, and Bruce V. Burlton

"Development of Compact Self-Balancing Robot with Self-Standing and Stair Climbing Capability" - PDF
Dominic Robillard and Eric Lanteigne

"Dimensional Synthesis of Planar Parallel Cable-Driven Parallel Robots via Interval Analysis" - PDF
Mohammad H.F. Kaloorazi, Saman Esfahani, and Mehdi Tale Masouleh

"Dynamic Modelling, Estimation, and Control for Precision Pointing of an Atmospheric Balloon Platform" - PDF
David Evan Zlotnik and James Richard Forbes

"Wheel-Terrain Interaction Modelling for Dynamics Simulation and Analysis of Wheeled Mobile Robots" - PDF
Ali Azimi, Daniel Holz, József Kövecses, Jorge Angeles, and Marek Teichmann