Commission Canadienne pour la Théorie des Machines et des Mécanismes

Symposium 2011 M3 de la CCToMM
Juin 2-3, 2011, Montréal, Canada

"Motion Recovery after Joint Failure in Parallel Manipulators" - PDF
Leila Notash

"Kinematic Analysis of a Translational 3-DOF Tensengrity Mechanism" - PDF
Chris Mohr and Marc Arsenault

"Dexterous Workspace of n-RRRR and n-RRPR Manipulators" - PDF
André Gallant, Roger Boudreau, and Marise Gallant

"Optimizing Layout of a Planar Wire-Actuated Parallel Manipulator Based on Stiffness and Failure Analyses" - PDF
Amir Moradi and Leila Notash

"Singularity Analysis of the 4-RUU Parallel Manipulator using Grassmann-Cayley Algebra" - PDF
Semaan Amine, Mehdi T. Masouleh, Stéphane Caro, Philippe Wenger, and Clément Gosselin

"Robotic Radiation Mapping from Sparse Data" - PDF
Robin D. McDougall, Scott B. Nokleby, and Ed Waller

"Analytical Passivity Analysis for Wave-based Teleoperation with Improved Trajectory" - PDF
Bita Fallahi and Hamid D. Taghirad

"A Large Payload Omni-Directional Platform" - PDF
Florentin von Frankenberg, Michael Frejek, and Scott Nokleby

"Controllable Workspace of General Cable Driven Redundant Parallel Manipulator Based on Fundamental Wrench" - PDF
Azadeh Zarif Loloei and Hamid D. Taghirad

"Workspace Investigation of Translational Planar Wire-actuated Parallel Manipulators" - PDF
Vahid Nazari and Leila Notash

"Lagrangian Dynamics of Cable-Driven Parallel Manipulators : A Variable Mass Formulation" - PDF
Yousef B. Bedoustani, Pascal Bigras, Hamid D. Taghirad, and Ilian Bonev

"Dynamic Analysis and Control of Cable Driven Robots Considering Elasticity in Cables" - PDF
Mohammad A. Khosravi and Hamid D. Taghirad

"Geometric Analysis of the Kinematic Sensitivity of Planar Parallel Mechanisms" - PDF
M. H. Saadatzi, Mehdi Tale Masouleh, Hamid D. Taghirad, Clément Gosselin, and Philippe Cardou

"Dynamic Mechanical Analysis Application in Measuring the Viscoelastic Behaviour of Atrial Tissue" - PDF
Jing Jin Shen, Masoud Kalantri, József Kövecses, Jorge Angeles, and J. Dargahi

"The Dynamics of a Single Algebraic Screw Pair" - PDF
J.D. Robinson and Mathew John D. Hayes

"Length-Optimized Smooth Obstacle Avoidance for Robotic Manipulators" - PDF
Soheil S. Parsa, Juan A. Carretero, and Roger Boudreau

"Redundancy Resolution of Wire-Actuated Parallel Manipulators Considering Con- tact Forces in Machining Applications" - PDF
Maryam Agahi and Leila Notash

"Graphics Processing Units for Trajectory Planning of Kinematically Redundant Manipulators" - PDF
Brendan C. Wood and Juan A. Carretero

"Dynamics Formulation and Modelling of Wheeled Rovers on Soft Soil" - PDF
Martin Hirschkorn, József Kövecses, and M. Teichmann

"A Velocity Estimator for Increasing the Transparency and Stability of Haptic Devices" - PDF
Kamran Ghaari-Toiserkan, and József Kövecses

"Wheel-Soil Interaction Modelling for Dynamics Simulation of Rovers" - PDF
Ali Azimi, József Kövecses, and Jorge Angeles

"Unscented Kalman Filtering for Identification of Haptic Robotic Systems" - PDF
Arash Mohtat, Kamran Ghaari-Toiserkan, and József Kövecses

"Technology Status Overview for Space Exploration at the Canadian Space Agency" - PDF
Christian Lange

"Dynamic Analysis of Force Feedback Devices" - PDF
Sara Shayan Amin and József Kövecses