Commission Canadienne pour la Théorie des Machines et des Mécanismes

Symposium 2019 M3 de la CCToMM
Mai 16-17, 2019, Montréal, Canada

2019 CCToMM Symposium Attendees

"Cross Ratio, Harmonic Sequence, and Largest Area Ellipses Inscribing Specific Quadrangles" - PDF
M. John D. Hayes and Anton Gfrerrer

"Development of a Trajectory Planning Algorithm for a 4-DoF Rockbreaker Based on Hydraulic Flow Rate Limits" - PDF
Louis-Francis Tremblay, Marc Arsenault, and Meysar Zeinali

"Comparison of Redundancy Resolution Methods for a Cable-Suspended Spatial Parallel Robot" - PDF
Lionel Birglen and Marc Gouttefarde

"Force/Position Control for an Excavator with Contour Control Compensation" - PDF
Niraj Reginald and Jaho Seo

"Preliminary Design of a Revolute to Prismatic Morphing Compliant Joint" - PDF
Nicolas Mouazé and Lionel Birglen

"Investigating the Wrench Capabilities of a Kinematically-Redundant Planar Parallel Manipulator" - PDF
Roger Boudreau, Scott Nokleby, and Marise Gallant

"Proposed Algorithm for Autonomous Navigation in the Littoral Zone for Amphibious Robots" - PDF
Mark Borg and Scott Nokleby

"A Robot Arm Based Additive Manufacturing System" - PDF
Pierre Larochelle and Ismayuzri Ishak

"Development of an End-Effector System for Autonomous Spraying Applications and Radiation Surveying" - PDF
Travis Guy and Scott Nokleby

"An Algebraic Input-Output Equation for Planar RRRP and PRRP Linkages" - PDF
Mirja Rotzoll, M. John D. Hayes and Manfred Husty

"Automatic Trajectory Generation for Autonomous Robotic Shotcreting in Underground Mines" - PDF
Michael Wrock and Scott Nokleby

"Towards a High Packing Ratio Linear Actuator for use in Cable Driven Parallel Manipulators" - PDF
Andrew C. Mathis, Juan Antonio Carretero, and Yves Losier

"Design and Development of a Next Generation Omni-Directional Multirotor" - PDF
Christopher Baird, Florentin von Frankenberg, and Scott Nokleby

"A Novel Three-Legged 6-DOF Parallel Robot with Simple Kinematics" - PDF
Edelvays Cherchelanov and Ilian Bonev

"Modelling and Analysis of a Hydrodynamically Actuated Coupled PDE-ODE System" - PDF
Raúl Santiesteban-Cos, Juan Antonio Carretero, and Jon Sensinger

"Atlas Motion Platform Split-Axle Mecanum Wheel Design" - PDF
Jane M. Schwering, Mila J.E. Kanevsky, M. John D. Hayes, and Robert G. Langlois

"Classical Washout Using Quaternions" - PDF
Mikayla Micomonaco, M. John D. Hayes, Rishad Irani, and Robert G. Langlois

"Convergence Time Estimation for Jumping Mechanical Systems Using Second Order Sliding Modes" - PDF
Raul Santiesteban-Cos, Oscar Montano-Godinez and Araceli Garate-Garcia

"Elastodynamics of a Parallel Schönflies-Motion Generator" - PDF
Zuyu Yin, Bruno Belzile, Jorge Angeles, and James Richard Forbes