Commission Canadienne pour la Théorie des Machines et des Mécanismes

Symposium 2005 M3 de la CCToMM
Mai 26-27, 2005, Saint-Hubert (Montréal), Canada

"Dynamic Simulation Of A Spatial 3-Dof Tensegrity Mechanism" - PDF
Marc Arsenault and Clément M.Gosselin

"Chassis Design & Performance Analysis For The European Exomars Rover" - PDF
Alex Ellery, Lutz Richter, and Reinhold Bertrand

"Conceptual Design of a Translational Hybrid Mechanism for Agile Manufacturing" - PDF
Frédéric Côté, Nicolas Bouchard, and Clément M. Gosselin

"Optimizing Fault Tolerance to Joint Jam in the Design of Parallel Robot Manipulators" - PDF
Mahir Hassan and Leila Notash

"Force Transmission Evaluation in Spatial Mechanisms with Higher Pairs" - PDF
Chao Chen and Jorge Angeles

"Wrench-Closure Workspace of Six-DOF Parallel Mechanisms Driven by 7 Cables" - PDF
Marc Gouttefarde and Clément M.Gosselin

"Hexapode: un robot explorateur tout-terrain" - PDF
Mathieu Goulet and Clément M.Gosselin

"Systematic Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Modelling of Dynamical Systems from Input-Output Data" - PDF
Meysar Zeinali and Leila Notash

"Sub-Object Pruning Algorithm: A Novel Pruning Strategy for Distance Determination in Complex Dynamic Environment" - PDF
Raja Uppuluri and Juan A. Carretero

"Dexterity Analysis of the Tricept Manipulator" - PDF
G.Pond and J.Carretero

"A Dependent-Screw Suppression Approach to the Singularity Analysis of a 7-DOF Redundant Manipulator: Canadarm2" - PDF
Xianwen Kong and Clément M.Gosselin

"Static Force and Stiffness Analyses of Mechanisms with Four-Bar Linkages" - PDF
Sureyya Sahin and Leila Notash

"Force-Unconstrained Poses of the 3-PRR and 4-PRR Planar Parallel Manipulators" - PDF
Flavio Fermani and Ron Podhorodeski

"Incorporation of the Articulated Body Algorithm into a Model-Based Sliding-Mode Controller for the Reduction of Dynamic Coupling in Underwater-Manipulator Systems" - PDF
Serdar Soylu, Bradley J. Buckham, and Ron P. Podhorodeski

"Calibration of the 3-PRS Parallel Manipulator Using a Motion Capture System" - PDF
C. G. van Driell and J. A. Carretero

"Several Design Issues On The Tunable Electromagnetic Vibration Absorber" - PDF
Jie Liu and Kefu Liu

"Discrete-time Stability and Vibrations of Systems with Unidirectional Force Control" - PDF
László L. Kovács, Gábor Stépán and József Kövecses

"Force-Moment Capabilities of Planar-Parallel Manipulators Using Different Redundant-Actuation Configurations" - PDF
Scott B. Nokleby

"Kinematic Inversion of Functionally-Redundant Serial Manipulators: Application to Arc-Welding" - PDF
Liguo Huo and Luc Baron

"Velocity-level Kinematics of a Spherical Orienting Device Using Omni-directional Wheels" - PDF
J. Robinson, J.B. Holland, M.J.D. Hayes, and R.G. Langlois

"ATLAS: A Novel Kinematic Architecture for Six DOF Motion Platforms" - PDF
M.J.D. Hayes, R.G. Langlois

"A Slip Model for the Spherical Actuation of the ATLAS Motion Platform" - PDF
J.B. Holland, M.J.D. Hayes, and R.G. Langlois

"Concept for Self-Indexing Lockable Drill Rod Segments and their Auxiliary and Storage Mechanism" - PDF
Julien Marcil, Patrick Sabbag, and JP Nolet

"Space Robotic Force Moment Sensing: Boundary Condition Influences" - PDF
Sherry Draisey

"Integrated Type and Approximate Dimensional Synthesis of Four-Bar Planar Mechanisms for Rigid Body Guidance" - PDF
T. Luu and M.J.D. Hayes

"Development Of An Experimental System For Studying Vibration Control Of A Travelling Cable With Variable Length" - PDF
Sung-Wen Dung, Kefu Liu, and Henri Saliba

"Programmation Dynamique Temps-Energie Minimum Des Robots Paralleles Par Lagrangien Augmente" - PDF
A. Khoukhi, L. Baron, and M. Balazinski

"Suppression of Lateral Vibration of an Axially-Moving Cantilever Beam with a Piezoelectric Actuator" - PDF
Quincy Gnanananthan, Kefu Liu, and Henri Saliba

"Verification Procedures and Results of the Spacecraft Docking Emulation Test Bed" - PDF
Sébastien Laurier Chapleau, Éric Martin, and Luc Baron

"A Real-Time Simulator for 3D Mental Image Reconstruction On Board the International Space Station" - PDF
Christian Lange, Yves Gonthier, Pierre Allard, Michel Doyon, and Eric Martin

"An Approach to Modelling and Analysis of Unilaterally Constrained Mechanical Systems" - PDF
S.A. Modarres Najafabadi, J. Kovecses, and J. Angeles